April 18, 2013

Roll With It. The Five Coolest Party Rides In Town.

Ever since that first Neanderthal discovered the wheel, mankind has been obsessed with creating the perfect mode of transportation. It seems like, every other day, there’s another commercial for a vehicle boasting the greatest technology and the fastest speeds as the big car companies all constantly try to one-up each other.

The private transportation industry is no different. From outrageously stretched Hummers, Land Rovers and Excursions, some featuring such outlandish add-ons as hot tubs and stripper poles, it’s easy enough to wonder: Has this trend gone too far?

The answer, of course, is no. It can never go too far. Not as far as we can see, at least.

And, here on the streets of Dallas and Fort Worth, and especially in the private ride sector, it seems as if rides are getting more and more outrageous of later. It feels like, with each passing day, we’re seeing crazier and crazier rides popping up on the streets.

So maybe we weren’t too surprised when we first spotted the Dallas Party Hearse, a once-fully functioning funeral home hearse had been converted into a limousine, riding around town. But it did get us thinking: Of all the crazy methods of transportation available in the region, which are the craziest?

We came up with a few: There’s the Brew Bus, which simply aims to invest in area brewery tours; there’s the Karaoke Cab, which was created as a means to give its driver a leg up on competition; there’s the E-Frogs cart, which hopes to make bar-hopping a little more eco-friendly; and then there’s the Cowtown Cycle Party, which was created with the simplest aim of helping Fort Worthians have some fun while out on the town.

While the people behind these rides may all come from vastly different backgrounds, one thing is clear about their inspiration: They came up with a void-filling concept just craziest enough to work, and, hopefully, earn them a profit in the process.

So, without further ado, here they are — the five craziest party rides in the region. READ MORE (Cowtown Cycle Party is featured at the end of the article)

Originally posted on http://centraltrack.com
By Erika Lambreton on Tuesday April 16 2013 at 3:01 PM